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Old Tokoname History of Tokoname Ware

@Tokoname was already well-known as a pottery town at the end of the 12th century. Tokoname is one of the six historic pottery towns of Japan. The others are : Bizen, Shigaraki, Tamba, Seto and Echizen. They are known as "The Six Ancient Kilns of Japan".
@The Tokoname kilns were said to be the largest and oldest of them all. Tokoname took advantage of its proximity to the sea and extended the market throughout Japan by use of ships. A large amount of old Tokoname pottery was found in many places in Japan.

History of Teapot

@Tokoname ware has a long history and tradition which dates back from 900 years ago. Redware was invented in the early 1800s. It developed with the production of teaware like teapots and cups for green tea.
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