1950 Born in Tokoname
Study teapot making under Mr.Jozan YAMADA III(human national treasure)
1997 Member of Japan Crafts Assoc.
Member of Japan Sen-cha Crafts Assoc.
Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition win, 6 times
Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition win
Japan Sen-cha Craft Arts Exhibition
*Education Minister Encouraging Prize
*All Japan Sen-cha-do Assoc. Prize
*Sen-cha Craft Arts Encouraging Prize
Choza Award Ceramic Art, Pottery Exhibition Encouraging Prize
Choza Award Ceramic Art Exhibition win, more than 10 times
Pottery Promotional Exhibition Jozan Prize
Ceramic Art Biennale win, '89
Shigaraki Ceramic Art Exhibition win
Mashiko Ceramic Art Exhibition win
Tokai Traditional Crafts Exhibition win, 20 times
2005 Aichi EXPO Selected exhibit
Japan Six Kiln Site Exhibition Selected exhibit
Personal exhibition many times

How to make teapot by Fugetsu