1955 Born in Tokoname
1973 Graduated from Tokoname High School Ceramic course
1976 Graduated from Seto Ceramic High School specialist course
1982 Certified as a member of Nihon Kogeikai(Japan Crafts assoc.)
Certified as a member of Japan Sencha Crafts assoc.
Seto Ceramic High School, Part-time Instructor
Judge of Seto City Art Exhibition
Japan Crafts Branch Commissioner
Japan Sencha Crafts Assoc. Commissioner
Tokai Traditional Crafts Exhibition win 35times in a row
Tokai Traditional Crafts Exhibition, receive 6 prizes
Judge of Tokai Traditional Crafts Exhibition 3 times
Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition win 21times
Commentator of Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition at Nagoya, 5 times
Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition win, 3 times
Chunichi Int'l Ceramic Art Exhibition win, 6 times, Encouraging Prize
Japan Sencha Crafts Exhibition Crafts, win 25 times
Japan Sencha Crafts Exhibition Crafts, receive 6 Prizes
Ceramic Art Biennale Exhibition, win 4 times
Japan 6 ancient kiln modern works Exhibition, selected display 2 times
Aichi Art Culture Center Open Exhibition, Artists in Tokai selected display
Choza Award Ceramic Art Exhibition, receive Grand Prix
Choza Award Ceramic Art Exhibition, Choza Prize 4 times, Encouraging Prize 2 times
Yakishime Ceramic Exhibition (Triennale), win 2 times
Shigaraki Ceramic Art Exhibition, win
Mashiko Ceramic Art Exhibition, win
Ceramic Art of Tokai, selected display, 2 times
Jozan YAMADA Prize